Would humans be able to fend off an alien attack?

Alien invasion extra-terrestrials coming to earth ufo spaceship

Our response would first be to contact the intergalactic committee or those alien groups who we’ve been dealing with to try to see if this can be resolved instantly.

Since I do not have ultra secret credentials I cant tell you which alien groups it will be, but Sargent Clifford Stone of the US army has testified at the national press club on disclosure project in 2001 that he has dealt with many alien beings on a private basis at a secret undisclosed location

Here is Clifford Stone testifying on Camera about his incredible experiences

The andromedans alien beings are said to be the galactic leaders and representatives for the milky way galaxy. They are also the one’s in charge of the galactic federation designed to keep peace and order within our galaxy. This was the testimony of a couple ufologists and this hierarchical structure of shared responsibility amongst evolved alien groups, where a civilization’s spiritual and technological development is used as a measuring stick for an even more evolved alien civilization to delegate them the responsibility to keep to keep a sector or sectors of universe in order.

So straight away, lets get of the idea that every alien race are space cowboys. If you attack a planet unprovoked there will be reproductions.

It is possible however that we could get invaded, especially based on our technological leaps in the last century. Which is mostly due to the technological trade deals we’ve been engaging with aliens since World War 2.

If an alien Army does show up, they wont show up with their visiting explorer ships, they’ll show up with their Attack ships.

Aliens are fully aware of the technology our governments have kept secret. We obtained some pretty amazing weaponry from other aliens but it is only the basic alien technology.

Technology is the real currency in this universe, whatever weapons we got, they got.. and then some!

War is a pretty universal concept, an advanced alien race that isn’t all too focused on spiritual development but more bend on technological superiority and conquests may very well enjoy invading earth. Al-thought having little to gain since most aliens have the technology to create life-forms based on pre-written algorithms, as well as mold a dead elliptical orbit into habitual planet through weather manipulation and atmosphere creation technology. A minority of alien races out there do get offended pretty easily and are bend on showing off their dominance if only to polish their blade.

An alien race such as the Reptilians who are said to be the antagonists to humanoid shaped alien beings like ourselves use weapons that both shoot and slice.

If an alien civilization wanted to destroy us right away they would probably blow up the moon from far away, causing a natural disaster, which would be the safest route to their victory.

However if they wanna prove a point or have some fun, they would send their hunters down here who probably have special gear such as ultra durable metallic suits. The aliens would probably try to make it fair so we atleast have a chance, however they will have backup squads waiting not too far away incase we do win the first on-slaught.

  1. The aliens don’t want to be blown out of the air, they will deploy their forces on the ground as soon as they can causing a massive panic worldwide
  2. After negotiations fail, the governments response will be to quickly arm as many people as they can with the alien technology and regular technology they have available.
  3. The alien spaceships are too advanced even for our anti-gravitational spaceships. Aliens have mastered stealth technology, flight maneuvering, their force-fields are stronger then ours and their weaponry is more devastating. Our bullets wont be able to penetrate their outer wordily armor which is made out metals not from this world. However maybe guns like a 50 Cal or similar larger sized bullets will do damage. The alien bodies themselves are most likely stronger then ours… with advanced technology also come DNA manipulation and tech-augmentation to make oneself stronger and deadlier.
  4. After the aliens air fighters defeat our air-fighters, their air squad will ease off to allow their ground troops to have some fun.
  5. As long as there are still many human beings hiding or fighting in cities, the government cannot use mass-destructive weapons. The aliens will divide themselves so they aren’t all located in the same location making it harder to take out a multitude of them with one blast.
  6. After the aliens have won they will deliver a message, stick around for a while to create a new world out of all the destruction, or simply retreat in victory.

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