Telepathy Course

Learn telepathy by studying secret telepathic exercises and telepathy techniques

Telepathy also known as mind to mind communication was long considered to be a hidden ability of the human mind in many esoteric and spiritual traditions. Some people have the impression that you’re either born with it or you don’t have it. At Telepathy Academy, we go by the slogan “Some are born with it, some don’t have it and some can learn it”.  With our telepathy course, we are able to empower ordinary people to learn telepathy online and achieve telepathy superpower through practical telepathic training techniques.


Learn Telepathy Online

  • Understand the mechanics of Telepathy and how this it works
  • Becoming more aware of your psychic powers and your hidden mental faculties. Opening up your third eye chakra and expanding your sixth sense.
  • Preparation techniques to get you ready for sending and receiving telepathic thoughts and impressions
  • Increasing the awareness of your Aura and your outer body energies to help you become more perceptive to other incoming transmissions while also teaching you how to close off your internal field from unwanted incoming connections.
  • Teaching you the ability to read other people’s thoughts and also sending them your thoughts while documenting the results to monitor your progression over time.
  • And much more…
Telepathy Course Develop telepathy Learn telepathy Online

Telepathy Course to Develop Telepathy Abilities

Once you sign up at Telepathy Academy, you will have full access to the Telepathy Development online course, which takes you into full training mode so you can build your Extrasensory perception and become a practitioner and a telepath. With this online course, you will be able to open your sixth sense and unlock your psychic powers.
The exercises presented in this course were used in experiments by the CIA to train their government telepaths. Along with theoretical knowledge regarding telepathy, you will also be presented telepathy exercises to develop your telepathic faculties.
This telepathy course starts out with explanations on ``what is telepathy`` and later jumps into telepathic exercises, allowing you to learn and practice new things in each lesson.

learn telepathy and read minds

Telepathy Course

Learn telepathy Online

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Anatoly Romanov

My name is Anatoly Romanov and I am a hypnotherapist operating out of Montreal, Canada. I have worked with and helped over 500 clients and have been involved in hypnotherapy since 2011.

While working with clients, my interest began to grow towards the field of telepathy. As I was researching how to develop telepathy, I found very little useful information for practical telepathy, which made me realize how forgotten the telepathic ability really is.

To better help my clients as a hypnotherapist, I developed many telepathy exercises and telepathy techniques which I used for healing and treatment purposes. Many years of studying esoteric knowledge, having read over 400 books and being regularly involved in the spiritual community I have launched the telepathy development course with certainty to help each individual unlock their telepathy power through a school-like approach by way of a telepathy course a student can follow.

Most other telepathy advice I've seen on the internet don't go deep enough into the mechanics of telepathy and psychic development of the mind to mind transfer thoughts and receive the thoughts of others. This led me on the journey through 100's of hours trying to find any information I can to share with the public.

This course is original material based on my own work as a hypnotherapist in combination with research from out-of-print books, forgotten publications and secret real-life telepathic experiments and achievement by private organizations. All material in this telepathy course is designed to help you the student to learn telepathy to the best of your abilities.