Did the meteorites bring life to Earth or are we originally aliens?

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Yes we are aliens but not the way science describes it.

We are genetic alien clones. This is the way of life in the universe… a higher evolved species genetically engineers genetic programs in their labs and then populates new planets with new species.
Evolutionary Scientists have propagated their theories along universities and scholars came to accept their notions as fact. Despite their measurement technology being outdated and their reasoning is severely flawed.

You need to understand that the founders of the evolutionary theory such as Charles Darwin lived in the 19th century and Darwin was born at the start of the 19th century.

In the book evolution disproved, there are thousands of arguments that present strong arguments against evolution which evolutionary scientists have no direct answer. One of those arguments being that carbon dating doesnt work properly after afew thousand years.

Therefore the hypothesizing that apes turned into humans because of the higher level of protein and nutrient intake which allowed our frontal cortex to grow is only a theory, its as much of a theory as claims that Lizards turned into apes and that bacteria through randomness evolved itself to become an intelligent lifeform which eventually became… US.

How exactly do these evolutionary theorists predicted that we came from tiny specs of bacteria 100’s of millions of years ago when theres not a solid piece of evidence in sight and infact more of their argument falls apart.

Do you know how much information is in the human DNA code? It has a TON of data!
For bacteria to randomly mutate into what is now known as humans would be like having a random character generator software spin random letters, numbers and symbols before compiling the piece of code into something meaningful. What are the chances that an elegant piece of software will be created after a random and unintelligent spin of its values? Its pretty much impossible especially considering how much valuable data we have in our DNA.

There is also powerful evidence of nuclear wars that occurred in ancient times.
During archeological expeditions in the 20th century, green glass was discovered in the deserts and they named it the material “Trinitite.”
This glass is also called “nuclear,” or “atomic,” and “desert” glass. It was formed when silica sand was heated to temperatures above 1700 degrees centigrade by the a huge blast.

Could it be possible that the ancients who we consider so primitive were actually above to gain access to nuclear weapons? Or maybe our history isn’t necessarily ONLY our history after all? And how come we only have records going back to 4,000 – 5,000 BC if we have existed for millions of years?

This nuclear glass has also been found under Neolithic, Sumerian, and Babylonian layers at certain archaeological sites in places such as Iraq.

Besides physical evidence, there are many ufologists who either are or were in contact with extraterrestrial beings who communicated to the contactees a certain and similar message and that is that human kind has always been under watch and in contact with extraterrestrial beings and that our ancestry stretches even before the habitation of this planet, which is why you often hear some people say that we originated from MARS. And there is evidence to show that there was a nuclear war on mars as well before the planet became uninhabitable.